Pure Ginseng Powder ( 5 year )

We finally now offer ginseng powder that is made from whole dried ginseng roots. Being 100% ginseng, it will now make ginseng easier to use for our customers. Using our high tech grinders, the powder is very fine and smooth. Contains 1lbs of pure ginseng powder.

GFSI Certified and Kosher Certified

Ginseng Age: Five Years

Quality Level: Top Grade

Moisture: <3%

Processing Procedure: 4-cycle quality check, root as original—not trimmed

Place of Origin: Southeastern Ontario, Canada

Time of Harvest: November 2018

Growing Period: Sept 2013 to Nov 2018

Product Preservation: Dry and Cool Place (Humidity <45%)

Best Before: October 2021


Collections: Ginseng Products, Retail

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